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Booking Terms + Conditions

Please read the following conditions of booking, then click the check box on your Booking Form to indicate you have read, understood and agree to the below terms & conditions of booking:


 1. Deposits are non-refundable, however are transferrable at our discretion in the event of a date change (excludes peak times such as Spring Racing Carnival and New Year's Eve and is subject to date availability and  conditions apply). New bookings must be within the same state.


 2. A $25 fee may be charged to make changes to a booking's date, time, location or other details, where that change results in lengthy administration time being incurred.


 3. Any parking fees we incur as part of the booking are to paid by the client, unless otherwise stated.


 4. Early fees may apply for bookings prior to 7am and late fees may be charged for bookings after 7pm.


 5. Full False Bar/Strip Lashes or full sets of Individual Lashes are $16.50 extra per person.


 6. Any extra services rendered on the day will incur extra charges.

 7. Completion of our online Booking Form forms a contract of service, and as such any cancellations after submission of the form will result in the forfeit of the $25 security fee paid. This fee covers our administration time spent processing the booking.

 8. Unpaid invoices that are overdue will be forwarded to our debt collection agency for recovery of the full amount owing plus any recovery costs incurred.



9. Cancellations of the entire booking or part of the booking are not accepted within 4 weeks of the booking date for weddings and within 3 days (72 hours) for commercial or private bookings. In the event of a cancellation within these time frames, the job will be charged according to the original quotation and/or invoice to prevent a loss of other potential work that may have been booked on the same date. A 30% cancellation fee may  apply for commercial and private bookings that are cancelled outside of the 3 day period and will be at our discretion.

10. Clients who arrive late to their booking run the risk of their job not being able to be carried out, in part or in full. This will be up to the stylist’s discretion and will depend on how late the client is, and what bookings and commitments the stylist has following the booking. Payment in full will still be required for the session, and any monies that have already been paid will be forfeited by the client.



11. I am aware that the use of makeup, hair and beauty products can have allergic reactions, adverse health reactions and may cause injury or harm to a person and in engaging Jacqueline Parker Creative & it’s Directors, Instructors, Subcontractors, Employees or Agents, I do so at my own risk.


12. I am also aware that as a condition of my engagement of Jacqueline Parker Creative that its Directors, Instructors, Subcontractors, Employees or Agents are absolved from all liability howsoever arising from injury or damage howsoever caused arising out of my use of the services of Jacqueline Parker Creative whatsoever due to any negligent act, breach of duty, default and or omission on the part of Jacqueline Parker Creative, its Directors, Instructors, Subcontractors, Employees or Agents.


13. I am also aware that any person participating in using the services carried out by Jacqueline Parker Creative will be informed by me of any foreseeable risks, injury or harm as directed by Jacqueline Parker Creative and that they participate on the understanding that they do so at their own risk.


14. I agree to provide Jacqueline Parker Creative, its Directors, Instructors, Subcontractors, Employees or Agents with premises that are safe and free of risk of injury and free of hazards.


15. I agree to indemnify Jacqueline Parker Creative against all claims and all costs, liability and expenses incurred by Jacqueline Parker Creative, arising wholly or in part from the use of the venue, my breach of these Terms and Conditions, or any act or omission by me, my visitors, employees, agents and contractors (including a negligent act or omission) in respect of:


 a) Loss or damage to property; and 

 b) Illness, injury or death of any person.


16. I acknowledge that of my own free will and desire I have contracted with Jacqueline Parker Creative for these activities and I have read and understood the warning above.

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